The Nodes palette contains all of the nodes that are installed and available to use.

They are organised into a number of categories, with inputs, outputs and functions at the top. If there are any subflows, they appear in a category at the top of the palette.

Categories can be expanded or collapsed by clicking its header.

Above the palette is an input that can be used to filter the list of nodes.

Dialogue nodes

You can use Dialogue nodes to send a rich components to your users, they can be used with multi channels and receive dynamic data from functions and api.

The idea behind dialogue nodes is to transform a set of data received from external source(s) to a representational component that your end users will understand and interact with.

In Hanna messaging , you can manipulate the look and feel of the user interface via the dialogue nodes, or add your custom chatbot style with css.

The full list of dialogue nodes with how to use technique is presented in the Flow

Function nodes

Function nodes comes handy if you want to manipulate your data or execute an operation inside the flow. You can create custom js functions , sort, split, merge your data , choose how to present it as a template html , json … 

Integration nodes

We provide a set of pre-built integration nodes with a common apis like Stripe, Watson, Bing …

A list of use of these nodes is presented here.