Flow - Dev Instance

1- Create and copy a new SSH key

- Go yo Menu/Settings/gitconfig create ssh key in settings 

- Copy the ssh hey

Via Filezilla, go to projects/.sshkeys and make the folder file permission 777

Go to Github, 

2- important the SSH to the github project

- Create a new repository ( private )
- Under repository settings, add the ssh key aleardy copied

- Then go to the project, click on Clone and copy the https path

Flow - Dev Instance

4- Clone the Github project the the Flow Instance

- Go to Menu/Project/Open 

- Go to Clone Repository 

- Paste the project path

- Add your github credentials

- Click on Clone Repository

- Your 'empty project is uploaded.

5- Create your flow or import an existing flow

Commit in local

Commit in a 'new' created dev branch

When the flow project is ready, commit in 'master' branch

Your project in now available in Github.

Flow - Prod Instance

Repeat all the steps from 1 to 4

Test The process
In the Dev Instance, make changes, commit to dev
Go to Prod Instance, check that there is no impact on the instance
In the Dev Instance, commit in master 
Go to Prod Instance, 
Go to Commit history, and pull changes in master

The prod Instance is now updated and the context is kep untouched.