1- Prerequisite

Too get stared with tekos Apps you need:

1- A Hosted Tekos Flow Instance

You can subscribe to an instance with tekos Bot here: https://bit.ly/tekos-flow-subscription

You can host your own instance for free here: https://hub.docker.com/r/hitekos/tekos-flow

2- A Bot ID and  a Bot Token

If you subscribed to a hosted instance of Tekos Flow by tekos, you don't need to create a Bot credentials because TekosBot will create it automatically for you at the deployment step.

That you can generate for free with TekosBot here: http://bit.ly/create-bot

A Bot credentials are not mandatory if you built a webservice or a backend system that works with API, websocket or mqtt to communicate with other systems.

You can customize the display name and the avatar of your Bot later

2- Use a boilerplatre template to start building

When you have subscribed to a Hosted Tekos Flow Instance, you can select a template to start with at the deployment process.

If you host Flow using Docker for your own, there is also a boilerplate template. It will be recommanded to add the bot credentials as environment variables. 

3- Test and iterate on your Bot 

Your Bot is available at this address: https://chat.tekos.co/#/user/@<YOUR_BOT_ID>:m.tekos.co