Here are some categories of App you can build, nevertheless, the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination ? You can Also create an app that mixes multiple kinds

  1. Actions on External Apps
    Example: Hubspot, Pipedrive, Jira
    In this kind of Apps, you can create, fetch & update records in external Apps right from Chat Inbox. To trigger this workfow, use menus, actions on messages triggers or actions on Adaptive Cards. Use AdaptiveCards views for a better user experience
  2. Notification App
    Get Notif from an External App or a workflow
  3. Process Messages 
    Exp: translate, moderate ??, remind, schedule a message (one time or multiple times)
    These Apps use external APIs or custom functions to process messages.
    tips: Use Sidebar, messages only visible to you , threads
  4. Send a Rich Interactive Card
    (Custom Button or Component)
    Example: Pay with Stripe, Calendly Button, Zoom Link, Upload Document with Cloudinary, Send a Rich Post,..
    This App empower the user with the ability to post a Rich Message to the room with his won name
  5. Chatbot (Internal or External)
    (with tekos, or external messaging: telegram, whatsapp,..)
    tips: use human handover (bridget feature+invite an operator) for a better user experience
  6. Bridge Bot
    roots messages from external messaging to your inbox
    tips: combine chatbot feature with bridge to send a first welcome message, useful when you are off
  7. Store & Manage Custom Objects (CRUD)
    Exemples, 1:1 ticketing, 1:n orders. usually combined with labelling & tagging rooms
    Add Workflows
  8. Standalone workflows
    (no interaction with Tekos Chat) do we need to to it?
    => collaborate wit your team on the flow?